Wine Bottles to Pop Alongside your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Deals Meal

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the things, and people you are thankful for and one of those things should be a unique wine. Whether you’re throwing a Thanksgiving dinner or attending as a guest, wines are really a great compliment to Thanksgiving celebration. With huge variety and volume of the dishes on the Thanksgiving table, making a choice for the wine that holds up well with the entire menu isn’t an easy feat. For those best wines that spot between not too heavy and not too blend, here we have pulled together a shortlist of wines that won’t overwhelm your traditional Thanksgiving meal. Scroll down to read!

Gruet Grand Rose 

No white no red, how about going for pink wine this Thanksgiving Day? And not just pink, sparkling rose. The entire lineup of sparkling wines has something unique, but this Gruet Grand Rose holds a separate fan base. Go along with any dish, be it a turkey, chicken, potatoes or a pie. This bottle of sparkling wine is sure to get your mouth watering and make you hungry to kick off the evening festivities. Bonus fact, you can avail these wines for huge cut-offs by utilizing the Thanksgiving discount.

Brut Heredad Reserva

For a bottle that not only add up to your taste but also doubles as décor, Brut Heredad Reserva would be your best bet. This kind of wine pair best with cheese stuffed things and fruits but equally stands well with the rest of the meal. Hold up onto the Thanksgiving promo codes, and you can add this beautiful and tasty treat to this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Cloud Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Cloud Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2019 might be the easiest wine to find on our list. High acid and low alcohol levels make this white wine a perfect option to add to your Thanksgiving table. Those of you who love grapefruit will definitely find this drink hard to resist. Bonus fact, it represents the New Zeland’s most prevalent style of wine. Grab the bottle and pour into your wine glass for double the taste and don’t forget to apply the Thanksgiving voucher codes when purchasing.

Pinot Noir

Lighter body and restrained flavour, Pinot Noir is perfect for pairing with the turkey, veggies and stuffing. Whole berry or the canned kind, any of the two, you’re promised a well-balanced wine with a ride of forest fruit, strawberry jam and cherry notes. For sipping this complexly flavoured wine this Thanksgiving Day, you just need to latch onto Thanksgiving online deals.


For those of you who like red wine on the tannic side, Malbec is perfect for keeping your taste buds tingling. Not only the wine taste great but also plays well with the rich dishes without overwhelming your palates. Its spicy flavour lingers in the mouth for a very long time and goes well with anything you choose to eat. Also, makes a great choice for those who love eating red meat like prime rib or the big bird.

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